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Councilor Contemplations – June 2021

Terms of Office for Town Clerk & Highway Superintendent
There will be a new item on the ballot in November! Please take note that the Town Board has recommended extending the Terms of Office for the Highway Superintendent and the Town Clerk from two years to four. This requires that voters to flip over the ballot in November where these questions are asked and vote.

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Councilor Contemplations – May 2021

The Town of Manlius has more boards than the Town Board. Zoning Board of Appeals Kyran ‘KP’ Kelly stepped down as Chair of the Zoning Board of Appeals. Judy Salamone was appointed the newChair. Board of Assessment Review Grievance Day for property tax assessments is always the fourth Tuesday in May. The Board of Assessment […]

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Councilor Contemplations – March 2021

by Sara Bollinger – Manlius Town Councilor Thanks to Marie Margosian and Linda Bailey of the Manlius Historical Society fordecorating the Town Hall display case for Women’s History Month. The Board heard from several residents, in person and via email, both in favor and not in favor of allowing shelters for chickens, rabbits and goats in […]

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Councilor Contemplations – February 2021

Snowfall is still a little below average, but with more than 30” in February we have almost caught up. We appreciate the work of our Highway Department! A few Highway team members have been impacted by COVID, so the remaining members are covering multiple shifts. The town is divided into three routes, each of which takes about four hours to plow, depending on the weather.

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Councilor Contemplations – December 2020

The revised commercial zoning code was enacted at the December 2nd Town Board meeting. Many thanks to Councilor Elaine Denton for her detailed review of the draft.

The public hearing for the proposed Noise Ordinance has closed. Councilor John Deer and Supervisor Ed Theobald met with the three Village Mayors. The draft ordinance will now be debated by the three Villages…

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