Councilor Contemplations – October 2023

by Sara Bollinger – Manlius Deputy Supervisor

2024 Budget

It is Budget Season! In October we heard from the Mayors of Fayetteville, Manlius and Minoa accompanied by detailed slides created by Councilor Denton to understand and approve the three Fire Protection District Budgets in the Town. The Town does not need to approve the Kirkville Fire District budget; Councilor Bollinger attended the Kirkville public hearing to understand what Town residents in that District will be asked to support.
Details are here: The Public Hearing on the Preliminary Town Budget is November 1st. Please come!

Twin Ponds

The Town is considering a large apartment development on North Burdick Street. The Public Hearing was held open. If you have comments, please share them.

Garden Park

The Town is also considering a senior apartment building on Highbridge Street. The Public Hearing was held open. If you have comments, please share them.

Fairfield Estate

The Town Board approved a zone change from R1 to RM to permit a law office to use the building. Councilor Kreisel has set up a meeting with the neighbors who expressed concerns about traffic in the area between Genesee St. and Route 92.

Cannabis Showcase

The Town is considering a change to the RT zone, which only exists on a small section of Route 173 just outside the Village of Manlius, opposite the Limestone shopping plaza. The change will comply with NYS law to allow cannabis growers to ‘showcase’ their products before retail outlets are approved. This action has been created by the State because the licensing process has been very slow. This Public Hearing is also open. Please share your recommendations.

Manlius Watershed Stewards

The MWS held a successful Creek Walk on Limestone Creek 10/28. Many children and their parents enjoyed exploring the creek for this Participatory Science event. Thanks to the Issak Walton League and SUNY ESF for their educational support.

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