Councilor Contemplations – January 2024

Welcome Mike Nesci!

The Town of Manlius is fortunate to have Mike Nesci join the Board. Mike is an effective communicator and a skilled advocate who has expertise in emergency services.

Organizational Meeting

The Organizational Meeting is a summary of almost all of the Town’s personnel, contracts, committees and projects. The Minutes are a good reference for the year.

Town of Manlius Solar Project 

The Town of Manlius’s first approved solar project is finally completed!  The 4.35 MW solar facility on the landfill on Bowman Road has achieved interconnection with National Grid. The Town will receive lease payments for 20 years.  Solar Simplified, the designated retail broker, offered subscriptions to Town residents, with an advanced sign up opportunity for the residents within the viewshed of the solar facility.  Utility subscribers receive a 10% discount on both delivery and production fees. The Town itself was the first to sign up, saving taxpayers money right away. Community response has been terrific!  Subscriptions sold out in less than a week. As a result of this project, the Town of Manlius will be awarded $130,000 from NYSERDA from the Clean Energy Communities program for future clean energy projects, in addition to $20,000 from the Solar Simplified subscriptions.

US EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies

Gasoline-powered passenger vehicles driven for one year177
Miles driven by an average gasoline-powered passenger vehicle2,038,252
CO2 emissions from gallons of gasoline consumed89,467
CO2 emissions from pounds of coal burned890,623
CO2 emissions from homes’ electricity use for one year155
CO2 emissions avoided by tons of waste recycled instead of landfilled275
CO2 sequestered by acres of U.S. forests in one year948

Attorney Transition

The Town Attorney has been Tim Frateschi for several years. He began making transition plans in 2023, leaving a small firm to return to Harris Beach, which is the law firm the Town uses for litigation issues. The Town is now served by Harris Beach attorneys including Tim’s son, Joe Frateschi and William Wolfe. The Planning Board and ZBA have retained Attorney Jamie Sutphen.

Board of Ethics 

Town Code allows for a Board of Ethics. This provision has been dormant for some years. If you are interested in serving on a future Board of Ethics, please contact the Supervisor.