Candidates 2021

We have amazing candidates running for local elections this year. You can support them by volunteering to make phone calls, donating to their campaigns, and vote for them to protect our democracy on November 2, 2021!

Onondaga County Legislature – District 10

Heather Waters

Onondaga County needs a new collaborator. Vote for smart growth and fresh representation in District 10 (Fayetteville, Kirkville, Manlius, and Minoa) in November 2021.

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Heather Waters

for District 10

Councilor Waters has a 20+ year record of working with people of every political stripe in business, law, education, and the arts. She supports smart growth and invites more residents with young families and newcomers to participate in government.

Heather is running to be a strong legislative representative of your priorities for our $1.25 billion county budget, including supporting independent businesses, sustainability, and health & equity across all our policies. She will be dedicated to collaboration and ushering good ideas forward.

Heather works as an Assistant Dean for Advancement at Syracuse University, leading fundraising, alumni and external relations. She studied politics and music as an undergraduate student at Mount Holyoke College, and earned her masters in negotiation and conflict resolution from Columbia University. She serves on the Advisory Council of OCM BOCES Innovation Tech High School, and advocates alongside people with disabilities for employment opportunities. At the Town of Manlius, Heather serves as Co-chair of the Comprehensive Plan Committee, the Tree Commission, and Chairs the Personnel and Employee Relations Committee. She is a member of the Deer Management Committee and is the liaison to the Assessment Department. She authored the updates to the Town’s public meeting rules and launched the Open Podium public comment program. Heather also supports infrastructure and renewable energy initiatives. Born and raised in Onondaga County, Heather lives in Fayetteville with her husband, Sterling Waters, and their 9 year-old, Riley.

The Legislature is the chief policy-making body for Onondaga County. District 10 includes nearly all of the Town of Manlius, including Fayetteville, Minoa, and Manlius. The general election is November 2, 2021. 

Onondaga County Legislature – District 3

Matt Johnson

for District 3

I have lived in the East Syracuse-Minoa area all my life, and graduated from ES-M Central High School in 2019, with an Advanced Regents Diploma, and was elected class President during my sophomore, junior and senior years. I graduated in December 2020, from Onondaga Community College with an Associates Degree. Currently, I serve as Vice President of Tillie’s Touch, a local non-profit organization whose mission is to mentor children in education and sports. I am also a medical interpreter for La Liga de CNY/The Spanish Action League of CNY. Additionally, I have volunteered for organizations and community initiatives such as St. Matthew’s Food Pantry Drives in East Syracuse, Home Headquarters’ Block Blitz, Kick for Nick, the Spanish Action League, and Hopeprint.

I am running because I feel our county can do more for its taxpayers. However, not everything in our county needs changing. Lowering taxes for District 3 taxpayers, and the advancement of the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) school are examples of our county moving in a positive direction. Nevertheless, there is always room for improvement. I humbly ask for your vote if you share my belief that there is more work to be done.

“Together, we can build a better Onondaga County.”

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Onondaga County Legislature – District 12

Time for change, doctors orders!

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Dr Sunny Aslam

for District 12

My name is Sunny Aslam and I am excited to run for Onondaga County Legislature in District #12! It’s time for a change in representation in Lafayette, Tully, Fabius, Pompey, Dewitt and Syracuse. I can’t wait to bring my energy and experience serving the community to a legislature that needs fresh ideas and to attack the crippling poverty in our county.

I’m addiction and pain psychiatrist who lives in Jamesville, NY, and I’m running for Onondaga County legislature in district #12, NY. I’ve been a leader all my life, fighting poverty, for greater health care access and working directly with poor and working class families. I was named the top physician in CNY in 2018, honored by the county medical society for Physician Service to the community in 2019 and earned the SUNY Upstate Leonard Tow Humanism award in 2020 for clinical excellence and outstanding compassion in the delivery of care.

Onondaga County’s 12th district urgently needs a change in representation to protect our local economy, healthcare and social service needs. Instead of drastic cuts to the budget I support smart growth alternatives and a reinvestment in our county workforce.

Town of Manlius

John Deer

for Town Supervisor

In my short time on the board I have made it clear to residents in our town that I am committed to making this a government for and by the people. Going door-to-door in 2019, I found that many voters had little understanding of the role of our town government and the ways it impacts our lives, let alone its potential. Once I found myself on the board I realized that our town needs progressive and bold leadership to modernize, increase transparency and foster an inclusive process.

A town government can advocate for a stronger community and ask for all residents’ feedback when making important decisions. People should feel encouraged to participate at every step of the way. All too often I hear, “That’s the way things have always been done” and “Don’t fix something that isn’t broken.” This kind of thinking makes it impossible for new voices to be part of the process. Rather than running on a plan to keep things the same, I’m running to move Manlius forward.

John Deer

“I’m running for Town Supervisor to move Manlius forward.

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Sara Bollinger

for Town Councilor

My husband, Chris, and I have lived in the Town of Manlius for more than 30 years and have been active with the community. I am a volunteer member of the Village of Fayetteville Planning Board and the Greater Manlius Chamber of Commerce.

As a Town Councilor since 2018, I initiated and served on the Planning Process Committee to improve ‘customer service’ at the Town.  We accomplished changes to the sign ordinance, special use permit process and commercial zoning.   I also helped to facilitate a formal Comprehensive Planning process beginning January 2021.

I believe Manlius needs to become a more heterogeneous community.  If reelected, I will work to make Manlius a Town that welcomes a wide variety of people as residents and a wide variety of business operations.  Manlius should enhance our historical and cultural assets, increase the walkability of our communities and create more mechanisms for meaningful resident engagement. 

Katelyn Kriesel

for Town Councilor

Katelyn is a passionate advocate for her community and for climate and social justice and currently serves as a Town Councilor on the Manlius Town Board. As a mother to two daughters and a business owner in the community, Katelyn is committed to creating an economically vibrant, sustainable and just community for all. Katelyn runs a Financial Advisory practice in Manlius where she focuses on Socially Responsible Investing. She is also the President and Founder of the Sustainable Economies Alliance, a nonprofit organization working to expand sustainable finance in Central New York. Katelyn is an expert in renewable energy, fossil fuel divestment, sustainability and corporate social governance, and she has been proud to bring these skills to the Town of Manlius in her first term as Town Councilor. 

Katelyn grew up in Manlius, graduating from Fayetteville-Manlius in 2005. After graduating from college in 2009 with dual degrees in Political Science and Psychology, she returned to the region, finally settling down in the Village of Manlius. Katelyn and her family are proud to call Manlius home, and she is looking forward to continuing to serve the residents of the Town of Manlius.

William Nicholson

Responsible Stewardship, Humble Leadership, Smart Action

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William Nicholson

for Town Councilor

I grew up in Fayetteville with my seven siblings, and where my parents have lived for over 50 years. I returned to the area to raise my own son, and have grown to love this Town even more throughout the last  25 years. At this remarkable moment, what we need more than anything is competent, inspiring leadership.  

I believe that we can be civil and respectful of differences, and that we can disagree without being disagreeable. I am eager to work with fellow leaders across our region to ensure that our Town’s needs are met and our constituents’ interests are protected. Collaboration and cooperation are necessary now more than ever to address the complex problems that we face as we bounce back from this challenging pandemic.

Working together with a diverse group of determined people to make change for the better is my passion, regardless of party or position. I will work for all of the constituents of our Town, solving problems, and making life better for all of us. With our team’s commitment to sustainability, smart comprehensive planning, and transparency, I believe that we are on track to secure a bright future for generations to come.

David Rothschild

for Town Judge

I believe that I am uniquely qualified for the position of Manlius Town Justice, based upon my legal experience, knowledge, and temperament.  By way of introduction, I am a lifetime resident of Manlius, a married father of two young children, and have been an attorney for the past 22 years. I began my career as an assistant district attorney in Onondaga County, arguing criminal appeals and prosecuting felony-level crimes involving domestic violence. I then worked as a court attorney in Syracuse City Court for more than nine years, providing legal advice to more than a dozen different judges in the context of both civil and criminal matters. Since leaving City Court, I have been the legal advisor to Onondaga County Court Judge Thomas Miller for the past eight years. In that capacity, I have assisted Judge Miller with all aspects of more than 80 felony jury trials, and helped him write thousands of decisions regarding criminal matters. I have also been active in the community, teaching elementary school students about the criminal justice system and serving as the legal advisor to the Fayetteville-Manlius High School mock trial team. 

I am proud to have earned the Democratic designation. While the nature of a judicial position is not inherently political, I am also pleased to have received widespread bipartisan support as well as endorsements from law enforcement agencies, defense attorneys and retired judges. If elected, I can assure you that I will appropriately apply the law to the facts of each case, and treat all litigants fairly, respectfully and consistently. I look forward to earning your support!

Important Dates

Vote February 12, 2021 – Deadline to change your party enrollment.

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Vote March 16, 2021 – Village of Manlius Elections

Contact your village office for details.

November 2, 2021 – General Election Polls will be Open 6AM – 9PM.

Early Voting will be available. If you need to vote by absentee you need to fill out an absentee ballot by Tuesday, October 26, 2021.

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