Manlius Town Board Opening(s)

Designation Process

Due to Councilor Waters’ resignation there is a vacancy on the Manlius Town Board. If Councilor Bollinger wins her election for Mayor of Fayetteville, there will be an additional vacancy on the board. The terms would end in 2027 and 2025 respectively. 

These terms will require candidates for the 2024 November election and it is the committee’s responsibility to designate those candidates. Below you will find a timeline that details when letters of intent are due and the dates for committee interviews. You’ll also find the questions collected from committee members that will require written answers with your letter of intent. Anyone interested in the openings can email for the list of committee members and to ask any questions.

March 22nd – Letter of Intent and Answers Due

March 24th – Candidate Interview via Zoom, 2:00 – 4:00pm

  • Link to be emailed to all committee members and candidates.
  • Pre-filed motions for nominations due March 24th to Prerna by 5pm.
  • All nominations must come from committee members.

March 28th – Designation, 6-8pm, Manlius Town Hall 301 Brooklea Dr. in Fayetteville