Village Elections

We have amazing candidates running for village elections this year. Support them by volunteering to make phone calls, knocking on doors, donating to their campaigns, and voting for them on March 19, 2024!

Interested in learning more about the villages in Onondaga County? View our Villages of Onondaga County: 2024 Snapshot report.

Village of Fayetteville

The Village of Fayetteville election is on March 19, 2024 from 6AM – 9PM at Village Hall, 425 E Genesee St. Fayetteville, NY.

Vote for Sara Bollinger for Village of Fayetteville Mayor on March 19, 2024!

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Sara Bollinger

for Fayetteville Mayor

Sara is the Town of Manlius Deputy Supervisor, serving in her second term on the Town Board. She is an experienced leader who will bring fresh ideas to Fayetteville while preserving what we love about our village.

Sara has worked in the not-for-profit sector, representing people with disabilities, veterans, children in foster care, refugees and other disadvantaged groups. As an agency Executive Director, Sara has demonstrated leadership and managerial skills. She now owns a management consulting business.

Sara and her husband, Chris have lived in the Village of Fayetteville for over 20 years and have been active with the community. Sara has also participated in regional, state and national associations. She has served on the Village of Fayetteville Comprehensive Planning Committee and is a member of the Greater Manlius Chamber of Commerce.

Sara believes that informed and engaged citizens are the backbone of sustainable communities. She has practiced civic engagement through issue advocacy, political action and public service. She believes in collaboration and the ability of people with different and sometimes opposing views to work together for a common cause.

Casey Cleary For Fayetteville Trustee

Vote for Casey Cleary for Village of Fayetteville Trustee on March 19, 2024!

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Casey Cleary

for Fayetteville Trustee

I’m Casey Cleary and I’m running to be a Trustee on the Village of Fayetteville Board. The election is March 19th. I feel “called” to serve my community. I am running for the villagers of Fayetteville because we have a lot of work ahead to prepare for the future we envision in our new 10-year plan. I want to advocate for modern communication by leveraging technology to engage residents, optimizing the use of village tax dollars, and partnering with neighboring municipalities towards collaborative progress. I plan to help take the Village of Fayetteville to the next level in pursuit of our climate smart goals.

Vote Yes March 19th Move our elections to November!

Moving our village elections to November to increase voter turnout.

Proposition One

Vote Yes on Proposition One!

Why move village elections to November?

Increase Turnout.

Elections held in March have very low turnout. By moving our village elections to November, more village residents will participate in our local elections.

Turnout increased when these villages moved their elections.

November Elections Have Early Voting!

You have 10 days to vote November compared to only 15 hours to vote on the third Tuesday in March.

Mailed Ballots Postmarked on Election Day Count In November.

Mailled ballots must be received on Election Day to count in March.

Save village taxpayers money.

November elections are paid through our county taxes. Holding March elections is an additional cost to village taxpayers.

Village of Minoa

Vote for Mayor & two Village Trustees on March 19 from 12PM – 9PM at Village Hall, 240 North Main Street, Minoa, NY 13116.

We do not have any endorsed candidates running in Minoa at this time. If you are interested in running for office please contact us!

Interested in running for office?