Councilor Contemplations – July 2022

Zone Changes

The owner of Seven Pines professional office park wants to change zoning to modify the plan to offices on the lower level and apartments upstairs. This type of mixed-use development is viewed favorably by the Town Board and the Planning Board but does not fit the Town’s current zoning code. A possible solution is an ‘overlay district’. This idea will be discussed on August 10th.

The Town Board has a zone change request for 8291 East Seneca Turnpike. The Public Hearing for this zone change request will be August 10th at 6:35 PM.

The Twin Shores developers for the project on the abandoned quarry on North Burdick Street known as the ‘Fietta Property’ want to revise the zone change they were granted in February to include R-5, which allows apartments. The Town Board and the Planning Board are generally supportive of rental apartments to address housing needs in the Town.
This location is ideal as it is close to public transportation, jobs and shopping. The developer will build a sidewalk to connect the housing and commercial area with the Village sidewalk opposite Carrabba’s. The County will install a traffic signal at the intersection,

Quarry Updates

On July 13th Dr. Jim Marshall spoke at Open Podium in favor of the new site Kinsella Quarry at Mycenae. On July 27 th several residents of Changing Seasons spoke in opposition to the Kinsella Quarry expansion of its current quarry operations into a corner, within the berm, near Salt Springs Road.

Skyridge Water District

The Town submitted an application for a Water Quality Improvement Program grant from NYS for Source Water Protection for the Skyridge water district. We are also working on a parallel track to bring OCWA water to the district and Clear Path for Veterans.