Councilor Contemplations – August 2022

Zone Changes

The Town Board is deliberating changes to the Residential-Multiple Use (RM) zone.

A local developer submitted an idea to convert the former Eastern Hills church at 4600 Enders Road into an event venue. There will be a Public hearing in September.

The zone change for Seven Pines is still under consideration. Both of these sites will be impacted by the changes in the RM Code.

A zone change to R-5 was approved for most of the Twin Shores lot.

School Officers

The Town of Manlius Police Department provides sworn officers to both the F-M and ESM school districts. These officers are School Information Resource Officers, full-time members of the force assigned to the schools during the school year and Special Patrol Officers who are part-time and work only with their assigned school district. The two school districts cover the salary costs for these officers. F-M has 3 SIRO officers and 4 SPO officers. ESM has 2 SIRO officers and 2 SPO officers.

Water Districts

The Appletree Ridge Map, Plan and Report was accepted Work has begun for the Drinking Water Source Protection Program for the Skyridge Water District. A community advisory committee is being formed now. Please contact Deputy Supervisor Bollinger if you are interested in joining the Advisory Committee.

2023 Budget

Budget season begins in September. The activities this fall will include public input about how the Town should invest the funds we have received from the American Rescue Plan.

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