Councilor Contemplations – March 2022

On March 9th, the Board heard from John Rosinski about a DEC rule that expanded deer hunting to include the week between Christmas and New Year, effectively closing the woods during this important week for families who like outdoor sports. He asked the Town to write a letter to DEC.

Ryan Schulz from Centro joined us to announce a plan to bring electric bicycles and scooters to extend transportation to and from Centro bus stops. Centro can install a bus shelter at sites that consistently have 25 passengers per day. Centro offers a ‘travel trainer’ for teens and other new users to become proficient using the Centro system.

The Recreation Department will offer ‘Into the Woods’ summer theater in 2022. The Board authorized a higher starting pay for Rec Dept summer staff. If you are interested, apply here:

AE and SNY Center requested a zone change from RA to Neighborhood Shopping. A Public Hearing was scheduled on 3/23, after which the zone change was approved.

The Town collaborated with the Old Erie Canal Working Group, the Madison County Planning Department and NYS Parks to submit an application to the NYS Canal Corp to fund an accessible boat launch at the Poolsbrook Picnic Area within the Erie Canal State Park in the Town of Manlius. If funded, the launch will be installed next spring.

Several residents contacted the Town after receiving notice of higher fees from Syracuse Haulers for ‘garage pickup’ service. This is a private add-on to the normal trash fee included in residents’ tax bill. The Town worked with Syracuse Haulers to develop a transition plan for impacted households. All trash and recycling will convert to automated pick-up in May.

A Public Hearing was held 3/23 at the ESM auditorium to consider a repeal and replacement of Local Law 155.27.2 concerning the placement of Solar Voltaic Energy Systems. The details developed by the Solar Study Group are included in the revised law, but these amendments were overshadowed by the amendment to remove the Planning Board from oversite of proposals on Town-owned property. The Onondaga County Planning Board reviewed the proposed change and found ‘no adverse inter-community or county-wide implications.’ After hearing from many residents about their concerns, the Town Board provided statements for the record, and passed the proposed law unanimously.