Councilor Contemplations – April 2022

Please check out the updated Town of Manlius website thanks to Town Councilor Elaine Denton and Town Clerk Allison Weber: Please sign up for alerts at ‘notify me’ The Town has added ‘Highlights from the Clerk’ that provides a briefer and faster summary of meetings than the minutes or recording. This is an easy way to stay informed.

At the April 13th meeting Jennifer Reed spoke at Open Podium about problems with the Meadowbrook Limestone wastewater treatment plant that causes noxious odors in Fremont Meadows.

District 10 Legislator Mark Olson gave a County Update that included plans to address the problems at the facility over the next 2-3 years. His presentation included additional information about plans for dehydrator/biodigester for sewage solids from the plant. He also shared the County’s work supporting public safety, the arts, recreation, libraries and the zoo. The Town will join a County-wide strategy to address the impact of the invasive Emerald Ash Borer.

On April 27th Barbara Henry spoke at Open Podium about screening for the existing solar DeWitt solar farm and the planned Manlius solar farm that will impact her neighborhood. Supervisor Deer announced a new format for resident engagement called a Workshop. These will be public meetings held approximately monthly at 5PM before the first Board meeting of the month. The June Workshop will be with Abundant Solar. Neighbors are invited to attend in person or virtually.

Local government supports local businesses. The Town Board approved an amendment to the zoning code to permit animal/veterinary services in the R3 zone. The Board considered a zone change request to permit an animal service business in an RA zone. The Town sent a letter of support for Cold Springs Beef Farm to participate in a NYS agricultural conservation program. The residents of the Town of Manlius have lots of animals!

Projects for Stormwater Districts were authorized for Enders Road, Verbeck and Clark Hill. The Town has authorized a grant application to study additional stormwater needs.

The Town sent a letter to DEC in opposition to the extended deer hunting season mentioned in the March Blog.

Sustainable Manlius hosted Earth Fest in conjunction with Drive Electric on April 30th. Many thanks to all the volunteers who organized this very successful event.