Councilor Contemplations – October 2021

by Sara Bollinger – Manlius Town Councilor

The Commercial Solar Farm Study Group presented their report to the Town Board. Revisions to the Code will be completed before the end of the year.

If you do not live in a Village, you are in one of three Fire Protection Districts [Minoa, Fayetteville, Manlius] or one Fire District [Kirkville]. You pay taxes for Fire and EMS services which are provided by a mix of volunteer and paid personnel 24/7/365. We have excellent services in the Town. Fire expenses are a significant proportion of your Town tax bill. I encourage you to view
the slide presentations prepared by Councilor Denton imbedded in the 10/13 agenda.

Another driver of your Town Taxes is the Trash & Brush District if you do not live in a Village. The fees will go up next year. The Town will transition to automated trash & recycling pick up over the course of 2022. You will receive communication from Syracuse Haulers when they are ready to change your trash and recycling containers. If you want to Opt Out you must notify the
Town before September 1, 2022.

The Town Board has received requests from residents to reduce speed limits on Routes 290 and 298. The Town will submit requests to NYS DOT for review.

The Town received a petition from residents of Fremont objecting to a marked increase in truck traffic in their neighborhood. Supervisor Theobald agreed to reach out to Onondaga County to learn what has changed.

Several residents on Sweet Road took advantage of Open Podium to raise concerns about problems with visitors to Three Falls Woods, operated by the CNY Land Trust. The utilization of Three Falls Woods far exceeds the capacity of the current infrastructure.

In other business the Town Board:

  • Voted to override the NYS Tax Cap
  • Joined an Intermunicipal Agreement for maintenance of lower Chittenango Creek
  • Approved a PILOT for the solar farm on Kirkville Road
  • Engaged residents with the Town Engineer’s presentation of a Map Plan & Report for proposed Water District on Appletree Ridge
  • Schedule a public hearing for a local law regarding sheds and playscapes amended to conform with NYS law
  • Referred a Dollar General zone change request for a location on Schepp Corners Road to the Planning Board
  • Postponed the Skyridge Water District WIIA application to next year