Councilor Contemplations – April 2021

by Sara Bollinger – Manlius Town Councilor

The Town held a Public Hearing regarding the Skyridge Water District improvements on both April 14th and 28th . The Hearing was continued to May 12th . Attendance was high at both sessions. Several residents of the District spoke in favor of the project. Some residents who may be included in a new Salt Springs Water District, which is part of the improvement plan, expressed several questions and concerns including: total cost, cost sharing with the Skyridge District, cost to bring water from the road to the houses, potential for some landowners to profit and the aesthetics of the water tank. Residents who spoke in favor mentioned that the timing is good for infrastructure funding, the value of fire hydrants, the convenience and quality of municipal water and that this is the best long-term solution for the whole area. The issue currently before the Board is an Article 202b resolution applicable only to the Skyridge District. There will be an Article 12 petition process to determine whether to form the Salt Springs District over the summer.

The Town passed revisions to the Noise Ordinance that were introduced in December. During the intervening months Manlius, Minoa and Fayetteville passed similar legislation, making it easier for the Town of Manlius to consistently enforce the code.

The zone was changed for the Shipway House on South Burdick Street from RA to RM to allow an office use that will preserve the exterior of the historic house.

Students from ESF presented a Municipal Greenhouse Gas Inventory as part of Manlius’s application to qualify as a ‘Climate Smart Community’. 50% of Town-generated greenhouse gas emissions are from the Highway Department’s diesel trucks.

There was an extended discussion regarding the Kinsella Quarry request for a zone change at the 4/28 meeting. Board members have received numerous letters, calls and emails expressing opposition to the proposed zone change. We have sent several pages of questions to the applicant. A change of this magnitude needs to be considered in the context of an overall Comprehensive Land Use Plan, which the Town does not yet have. This issue will be incorporated into the Comprehensive Plan process.

The kick-off Comprehensive Plan Public Workshop is scheduled for Tuesday May 4th at 6:30 via zoom. Please go to this webpage to keep informed.

Take the Community Survey for the Town of Manlius Comprehensive Plan

The Manlius Tree Commission planted an oak tree at Wellwood in honor of Tony Pircio for Arbor Day.

The Town Board bid a fond farewell to Randy Capriotti, Director of Codes Enforcement, who has resigned to pursue another career opportunity.