Councilor Contemplations – March 2021

by Sara Bollinger – Manlius Town Councilor

Thanks to Marie Margosian and Linda Bailey of the Manlius Historical Society for
decorating the Town Hall display case for Women’s History Month.

The Board heard from several residents, in person and via email, both in favor and not in favor of allowing shelters for chickens, rabbits and goats in the R1 zone. This also includes zones R3 and R4, but not R2. Thanks to everyone who participated! The law was amended. We will monitor any complaints carefully.

The Public Safety Advisory Committee held their last meeting in March. They
recommended approval of the Town Plan with the County Plan included as an Appendix.

The focus of the recommendations is to improve communication between the Town of Manlius Police and residents. The Town Board voted to approve this recommendation prior to the April 1 st deadline. We extend sincere appreciation to everyone who worked on these plans.

A Public Hearing will be held on April 14th to hear comments from residents living on Salt Springs Road, Gulf Road or Horseshoe Lane regarding a proposed new Water District and renovations to the infrastructure owned by the Skyridge Water District.

The County has notified the Town that it will be making repairs to the Kirkville Road bridge over Limestone Creek. There will be a detour. The replacement of the bridge on Whetstone Road has been postponed to next year. The 20% of NYS Highway funding that was withheld during 2020 will be added onto our Highway funds for 2021.

The Sustainable Manlius group is helping the Town complete ‘actions’ to qualify for funding under the Clean Energy Communities and Climate Smart Communities programs.

April is Earth Month in the Town of Manlius. Celebrate by participating in Earth Fest!

Kinsella Quarry has proposed a new Quarry in Mycenae at Route 298, extending up Gulf Road to Salt Springs Road. The current quarry is nearing the end of its useful life. The first step is a zone change from Commercial A and Restricted Agricultural to Natural Resource Removal District. The Town voted to invest in a new interactive project management software to provide transparent resident access to documents and many opportunities for questions and comments. We plan to evaluate this proposal carefully.