November 2018

Sara Bollinger – Manlius Town Councilor

The November 14th meeting had the largest number of residents in attendance so far this year.  The hot topic was the Deer Management Plan. The Eagle Bulletin wrote a good summary in the 11.21 issue.   The plan for 2019 is confined to areas contiguous with the Village of Fayetteville, because the Town is joining with Fayetteville’s plan.  Most of the residents who spoke will not be in the culling areas this year, but it was important to hear their concerns because the Town plans to expand the scope of the program for 2020, if all goes well in 2019.  The Town approved the Deer Management Plan after the Public Hearing had closed.

A Public Hearing was also held regarding a ‘paper street’ separating the Fayette Manor neighborhood from the Homewood neighborhood.  Further study is needed. The Board took no action.

The Final version of the $15.2 million 2019 Town budget was presented.  Some of the items that were unknown in October turned out to be favorable, especially rates for the employee health insurance plan, which were considerably lower than anticipated.   As a result, the tax rate was reduced by 6₵ from $4.89 to $4.83 per $1000.

Some items in the Budget that may be of interest:

An external independent audit of Town finances

Increased website capabilities – may forms and licenses can now be handled via the website without needing to come to the Town Office

New zoning map software on the website so residents and developers can look up properties and learn about how they are zoned

A contract with General Code to ‘recodify’ the Town Code, which has not been done since 1996.

The November 28th meeting had a good turn-out of residents interested in a proposed Alzheimer’s Special Care Facility behind AmeriCU on Medical Center Drive.  Residents of Avriel Drive expressed concerns about increased traffic. Mayor Olson pointed out that facilities like this have a major impact on emergency services.  The Developer agreed that, in their experience, there are likely to be 3-4 ambulance calls each week. The Special Permit was approved, and the project was sent to the Planning Board for Site Plan review.
Street lights were approved for the entrance ways into Austin Meadows.  The Town received a DASNY grant for a new storage building [the old shed leaks].  Public Hearings will be on 12/12 on a proposal for a Verizon micro-cell on Enders Road near the schools and amending the local law relating to the Town Attorney.