Councilor Contemplations – July 2020

by Sara Bollinger – Manlius Town Councilor

Town of Manlius Begins Comprehensive Planning and Seeks Your Input.

  • Your voice and expertise would be truly helpful as we begin our comprehensive planning process for the Town of Manlius! We have invited you to fill out a form and encourage you to share with us your interest in engaging in this process. We will hold several early planning sessions, engage through committee work, and have a draft for further community feedback. Our entire process may take 2-3 years, but we are not asking for your commitment to the whole process at this time.

Sign up here: Comprehensive Planning Form

Police Modernization

  • Expressions of Support & Concern

Community members have expressed much support and appreciation for the Town of Manlius Police Department as well as concerns about the handling of some recent incidents.

  • Onondaga County District Attorney Work Group to address Executive Order 203

Both Supervisor Theobald and Chief Crowell have been selected to serve with representatives other municipalities on the DA’s committee to develop policies in keeping with NYS guidelines.

  • Public Safety Advisory Committee

The Town of Manlius invites residents to volunteer to serve on a new Committee that will learn more about police policies and recommend changes by February 2021.

To apply please fill out this form at before August 14th.

Commercial Zone Changes

  • Proposed Commercial Zone Law Changes

An informational meeting was held 7/22. A video recording the proposed zone changes is available here:

Continued Public Hearings

  • Brolex/Freeman Estates

The current zoning of this and contiguous properties was clarified. The Onondaga County Planning Board did not object to the zone change. The zone change of the full parcel from R1 and RA to R3 was approved with a split vote. The proposal includes several acres of ‘forever wild’ in the floodway. The project is now with the Planning Board, which is evaluating the density of the ‘cluster’ plan.

  • 3Gi Inland Port

There was discussion at the 7/8 meeting and discussion and a vote at the 7/22 meeting. Truck traffic seems to be the main issue for residents. We believe truck traffic may increase due to the addition of large warehouses in Dewitt and Clay currently under construction. After significant education and deliberation, Board members were not convinced that the 3Gi proposal would provide an adequate solution. The zone change request from RA to Industrial was denied. The Town of Manlius will collaborate with the Town of Dewitt and Onondaga County to develop a better solution for traffic flow to and from the railyard.

  • Delegating Special Use Permits

This Local Law was unanimously passed. The Planning Board will now issue Special Use permits.

  • No Parking on Hale Road

There were a significant number of letters, emails, Zoom and Facebook comments on this topic. The Local Law banning parking was unanimously passed. Signs will be installed this summer.

There is an opportunity for the community to include ‘Top of the World’ as a site of importance in the Comprehensive Plan.

  • Solar Farms

The Town Board moved applications for Solar Arrays on Taft Road, Green Lakes Road and Eagle Village Road North to the Planning Board for detailed review.

Other News

  • Solar Array on Landfill

The Town Board completed SEQR for the installation of a Solar Array on the closed landfill.

  • Town Hall

Town Hall has gradually reopened to the public. Face coverings, identification [for contact tracing] and distancing are required.

  • Extra COVID-19 expenses

The Town is applying for reimbursement from FEMA.