Councilor Contemplations – March 2020

by Sara Bollinger – Manlius Town Councilor

State of Emergency

The Spring Equinox is a change in Season.  This year it brought a change to life as we know it.  

The first case of Coronavirus was confirmed in New York March 1st.  At an amazingly fast pace COVID-19 became a public health crisis with daily news briefings at the County, State and Federal level.  The Town of Manlius authorized an Intermunicipal Agreement with the Villages of Manlius, Minoa and Fayetteville to share personnel in case critical personnel become ill at a Special Meeting March 16th

The Town of Manlius declared a State of Emergency at a Special Meeting March 17th.  The Town offices continued to provide limited services for a few days but are now asking residents to contact us by email or telephone only.  The doors at Town Hall and the Highway Department are locked.  Blue bins are available outside at both locations for those of us who need a second bin after being home for several days.  I know I have accumulated more packaging than I usually do!

Back when life was Normal – only a few weeks ago

The Town Board meeting March 11th began with an Open Podium speaker about the budget shortfall at the Manlius Senior Center.  The Senior Center is a Village of Manlius program that is available to Town residents and others as well.

Ingrid Gonzalez-McCurdy gave a presentation on electric vehicles.  The Town is sharing the survey she developed for her Maxwell School project.  You may participate here: 

Councilor John Deer proposed a Resolution regarding Redistricting in Onondaga County and Onondaga County Board of Elections Commissioner Dustin Czarny gave a presentation on Fair Maps CNY.  A vote was postponed pending a meeting planned for March 25th with the Town of Manlius County Legislators:  D12 Chairman David Knapp, D10 Kevin Holmquist and D3 Tim Burtis.  This discussion was postponed indefinitely because of the Coronavirus emergency.

March 25th Meeting

The Public Hearings scheduled for 3/25 were postponed to 4/22.  The Fish Stock and Arbor Day activities are cancelled.  Councilor Katelyn Kriesel and Codes Officer Randy Capriotti met with the CNY Land Bank.  Councilor Sara Bollinger received approval to take the next step on the Salt Springs Water District Project.