Councilor Contemplations – October & November 2019

Sara Bollinger – Manlius Town Councilor

Fall is Budget time. There were Public Hearings for the Preliminary and Final Budget as well as the Fire Department Contracts.

The Planning Process Committee proposed revised Sign Ordinances. I reached out to the Greater Manlius Chamber of Commerce via telephone and email but no one appeared to speak at the Public Hearing. The revisions, which restrict some kinds of signs,  were passed.

How can we better empower residents and business owners to participate in the mechanisms of local government, which are Public Hearings?

The Final Budget was passed on the regulatory deadline November 20th.

The BIG NEWS is the election.  Congratulations to Katelyn Kriesel, Heather Waters, Elaine Denton and John Deer.

Knowing that his 25 years of service were coming to an end, John Loeffler ramped up the Zoning change recommendations of the Planning Process Committee.  There will be a Public hearing in December.

I worked with Town Clerk Allison Weber and Town Manager Ann Oot to prepare New Councilor Orientation November 26th, with additional training the next Tuesdays in December.