June 2019

The Town of Manlius hired several part-time staff for summer Recreation programs.

The Town also supports a Summer Musical which was Guys and Dolls this year. There are license fees for the music and assorted costs for the production. Private funds are also solicited and recognized in the program book.

The deer management plan for 2019/2020 will include additional educational programs and more data collection from residents via the town website.

The Annual Manlius Historical Society meeting was held on June 19th.

I serve on the Planning Process Committee which has finalized the list of items that need to be reviewed in the Town Code. The list of code review items has been sent to General Code as part of the codification process. The Planning Process Committee is trying to prioritize the work and information that has been presented to the committee.

A dog groomer is planning to establish a business at 8317 Manlius Cazenovia Rd.

The State Legislator has restored 65 million dollars in winter recovery money to the budget. This will help the Town and our Villages pay for road repairs and paving.

The Town has received many complaints this year and in years past about peddlers/ solicitors and their behavior while selling goods door to door in the community. Have you experienced rude or inappropriate behavior from door-to-door solicitors? Please let me know your impressions, as the Town is planning to revise our regulations.

The Town of Manlius Planning Board is evaluating a planned ‘Cluster Development’ of 21 single family homes on Hoag Lane. There is significant neighborhood opposition primarily due to drainage concerns. The Public Hearing is Monday July 22nd at the new Manlius Fire House community room.

Sara Bollinger
Town Councilor