Candidates 2019

We have an amazing slate of candidates running for local elections this year. You can support them by volunteering to knock doors, make phone calls, donating to their campaigns, and voting on November 5th!

Onondaga County 10th District

Mark Matt

for Onondaga County 10th District

Mark grew up in CNY and he and his wife Cheryl have lived in the village of Fayetteville for almost 30 years. Their two grown children, Sarah and Auggie, attended and graduated from FM schools. They have 7 grandchildren, including one starting kindergarten in Minoa. Mark coached youth soccer in FM area for years.

Mark is a lifelong Democrat. He has a background in economics, years in business, and decades of volunteer service to our community. In 2017, as a first-time candidate, Mark ran against this same opponent, an incumbent who is a 28-year career politician. Mark narrowly lost the 2017 election by 143 votes. Let’s make every vote count this year and let’s finish the job!


Make the environment a priority.
Grow our local economy by supporting local businesses. Support green jobs and climate smart goals.

Ensure our tax dollars are spent wisely.
Keep politics out of pay raises, promotions and appointments. Stop the County Industrial Development Agency from just giving away money and tax incentives to fat cat developers. Monitor county use of overtime and spending.

Bring Transparency and Accountability to County Government
Stop voter suppression and eliminate gerrymandering through fair redistricting. Engage in robust discussion of issues, not just blind voting along party lines. Make County Legislature meetings accessible with live streaming and published minutes.

Invest in our future. Vote for Mark Matt!

Town of Manlius

Katelyn Kriesel for Manlius Town Board
Katelyn Kriesel
Candidate for Town Councilor

Katelyn is a hard working, single mom who started her own successful business and founded a not-for-profit while raising her two daughters. Katelyn is a Financial Advisor at Hansen’s Advisory Services in Fayetteville, where she practices Socially Responsible Investing, helping her clients to achieve their financial goals while investing in companies that meet their values. She is also the President and Founder of the Sustainable Economies Alliance, a not-for-profit organization with a mission to raise community awareness regarding economic sustainability and empowerment. The Alliance has had several successful initiatives, including the Reinvest CNY campaign and the Financial Education Initiative. Previously in her career, Katelyn was the Project Coordinator of the Solarize CNY campaign to help people go solar, which added more than 2 MW of solar energy to a five county region in Central New York, including her parent’s house in the Village of Manlius. She continues her work in renewable energy as a consultant. 

While she is very passionate about her work, her first priority has always been her family. Katelyn grew up in Manlius, and as a 2005 FM graduate, Katelyn knew the town was the best place to raise her two daughters, Alianna and Vivienne. The girls both attend Fay El, and all three absolutely love their community. Katelyn and the girls also have a local celebrity in their family; their dog Henry! Three years ago, Katelyn found Henry on the side of the road, clinging to life. She rescued him, and with the support of the community, was able to bring him back to life.

Katelyn has been passionate and engaged with her community from a young age, and is looking forward to serving the residents of Manlius as their Town Councilor.
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John Deer for Manlius Town Board
John Deer
Candidate for Town Councilor

John worked as a Database Developer at a local company for years before jumping into local politics. John is always looking for ways to bring technology to bear, solving problems and bringing to light new perspectives with his love of data analysis.

John is the Vice Chair of the Town of Manlius Democratic Committee and works diligently to empower Democratic candidates around Onondaga County. John ran a robust campaign for Town Clerk in 2017 and worked on the campaigns of Mike Montes for Onondaga County Sheriff and Dana Balter for Congress in 2018. John is currently working as the Field Director of Tony Malavenda for Onondaga County Executive.
John and his wife, Prerna, a Registered Nurse, moved to Central New York in 2013 and fell in love with the Fayetteville-Manlius area. They set down their roots, making the Town of Manlius their home and know it is a great place to raise children. John will bring energy, an important technology perspective, and strong analytical skills to the Board.
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Heather Waters for Town Board
Heather Waters
Candidate for Town Councilor

Heather is ready to be a collaborative Town Councilor, using her 20 year track record of working with people of every political stripe in business, law, education, and the arts. She supports smart growth and invites more residents with young families and newcomers to participate in our community.

A Town of Manlius native, Heather graduated from F-M High School, earning her undergraduate degree in politics from Mount Holyoke College and her master’s in negotiation and conflict resolution from Columbia University. Heather is a senior external relations executive, and she will apply her experience securing project investment to her work with our Town. Heather serves on the Advisory Council of OCM BOCES Innovation Tech High School, loves our parks, and advocating alongside people with disabilities for employment opportunities. Heather lives in Fayetteville with Sterling Waters and their 7 year-old, Riley.
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Elaine Denton
Candidate for Town Councilor

Elaine is a passionate advocate for social equality that will use her voice to ensure the Town Board represents the people who live in the Town of Manlius. She volunteers with Moms Demand Action, the Syracuse Peace Council, CNY Solidarity Coalition and Indivisible NY24. She runs her own graphic design business and uses her knowledge of design, technology, and communication to enable all members of our community to be informed and participate in our government.

Elaine grew up on a dairy farm her family has owned for 8 generations in West Winfield, NY. She graduated from Mount Markham High School and earned her bachelor degree in New Media Design from Rochester Institute of Technology. Elaine lives in Manlius with her husband, Matthew, their children, Caprice, Lionel and August, and an assortment of chickens.
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  • Public Input
    All town board meetings should provide citizens the opportunity to be heard.  The current rules of decorum require residents to submit questions and discussion topics days in advance, removing their voice and slowing progress.
  • Livestream and Record Meetings
    With modern A/V capabilities, it’s a serious issue that official meetings are not streamed and provided to the public via the internet.  When minutes are made public, so too should recordings. Whether to overcome work schedules, childcare, or individuals who may be differently abled, hosted videos are essential to allow everyone to participate.
  • Awareness
    In a fast-paced world, we need to ensure every effort is taken to inform the public.  By fully utilizing social media and modern infrastructure, we need to do everything possible to increase awareness of local government and actively engage residents.

100% Clean Renewable Energy Community

  • Complete Streets
    Everyone of us can make everyday decisions to help the climate in our town through input to the town board. Our town should accommodate all forms of transportation and ensure safety for all pedestrians.
  • Solar and Electric Vehicle Grants
    Our most effective tool to combat the climate crisis is clean energy.  As a town, we can develop a community solar initiative, empowering our residences to move off of fossil fuels.  We can also use state grants to move our fleets to Electric Vehicles while adding EV charging sites in our community.
  • Sensitive Land Use
    With the wonderful green spaces we have in Manlius, it’s important that they are protected from development. By making clear rules for developers to follow, we can ensure our natural resources are preserved for future generations.

Comprehensive Land Use Plan

  • Smart Growth
    Currently, our zoning is done based on rules from the 1990’s.  By working towards a comprehensive plan, we can ensure that new development is created by the values of our town and work towards our collective goals.  We can ensure to maintain the character of Manlius while allowing our local economy to develop.
  • Three Villages, One Town
    With three robust and diverse villages located in a populous town, communication and coordination must be a priority.  By encouraging all villages to take part in writing a comprehensive plan, we can prioritize collaboration, leading to a seamless community that serves everyone.
  • Eco-friendly Development
    We want to encourage new development in our town but not at a cost to our natural resources.  A comprehensive plan can address how land is managed based on the impact to the environment.
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Onondaga County

Tony Malavenda for County Executive
Tony Malavenda
for County Executive
Marty Masterpole
for County Comptroller
for District Attorney
for County Clerk