Councilor Contemplations – September 2022

by Sara Bollinger – Manlius Deputy Supervisor

9/11 Commemoration
Deputy Supervisor Bollinger attended the ceremony with the Town of DeWitt.

2023 Budget
Budget season begins in September. Please pay attention to how your tax dollars are spent.
We want to hear from you! The Public Hearing on the Budget will be November 9th.

PLEASE: Take a few minutes to review this presentation.

Residential Mixed-Use Zone Change
The Town Board discussed several changes to the RM District on September 10th . A Public hearing was held September 28th .

Special Districts

  • The Onondaga County proposed budget includes $800,000 to bring public water to Clear Path for Veterans.
  • A letter was sent to the Comptrollers Office on behalf of the Appletree Ridge residents after the Public Hearing 9/14.
  • Fayetteville and Manlius presented their Fire/EMS budgets. Minoa and Fremont will be presented in October.

Comprehensive Planning
Open Houses are scheduled at the Manlius Library October 8th , Fayetteville Library October 17th and Minoa Library October 20th and 21st .

More Zone Changes!

Brolex Properties has proposed a zone change from RA/CB to R3 for a land adjacent to the Megnin Farms subdivision. This was referred to the Planning Board. The Town has received numerous emails in opposition to this zone change.